Cranialsacral Therapy

Cranialsacral Therapy is a gentle and effective therapeutic modality which accesses the inherent healing and organizing intelligence in the body – the breath of life, or mechanism of Primary Respiration (of the cranial system).  It is based on the Osteopathic discovery of micro rhythms or ’tides’ within the body, through which the body tells a story, especially about how it has learned to respond, adapt and manage life experience through patterns of physical shaping.  Through the deep listening of cranial touch it is possible to feel and recognize these adaptive patterns as well as the underlying breath of life pulsing through the body. Cranialsacral therapy works with the nervous system, the bone and membrane structures around the brain and spinal chord, and the flow of cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the nervous system.  Practitioners use appropriate methods to facilitate the release of imprint patterns and support the natural expression of the breath of life, revitalizing the healing potential of the whole system. 

Cranialsacral Therapy is beneficial for conditions such as: Physical or emotional trauma, PTSD, TMJ dysfunction, dental trauma, headaches, concussion, whiplash, sinusitis, back pain, birth trauma, discomforts of pregnancy, chronic pain, anxiety, mood disorders and insomnia, among others.

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